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Gorevent ‎– Abnormal Exaggeration

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08/28/2016From now you can buy/order our products from our official distributor Inverse Records

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04/11/2016Saattue - Kärsimysnäytelmä 2016 Available

Endless Desperation Prod. proudly presents our 19th release - the new album of Finnish Melodic Doom/Death Metal band Saattue - Kärsimysnäytelmä. After seven years of work Saattue presents seven unforgettable songs which will move you to the seven different mystical journeys of dark emotional states.

Buy Saattue - "Kärsimysnäytelmä"

08/31/2015The Flesh "The Storming of Heavens' Gate" + "Icecold Macabre Lust" [Re-mastered] EDP.018

Endless Desperation Prod. presents new release - discography compilation of Norwegian old school death metal band The Flesh. Contains re-mastered versions "The Storming of Heavens' Gate" EP 1996 and "Icecold Macabre Lust" demo 1994

♱ 66 minutes of Old School Death Metal from Norway
♱ HQ Pro Remastering
♱ 1994 Demo “Icecold Macabre Lust” (exclusively on CD as bonus)

Buy The Flesh "The Storming of Heavens' Gate"

04/22/2015Next Release Announce: Bleed for Me (Argentina) - 2005-2008 Compilation

 We glad to anonunce our next release: Compilation of works from Argentinian Bleed for Me.

04/21/2015Our new release Inspiria ‎"Picture of Life" is available for order

03/30/2015Our next release: Symphonic Melodic Death Metal group from Belarus INSPIRIA "Picture of Life"

 We glad to announce that at the end of April 2015 will be available our seventeenth release. Atmospheric debut EP of young group from Belarus which will not leave you indifferent. Memorable melodies, powerful feeding and excellent lyrics in Russian which will undoubtedly fit into the picture of your life.

03/10/2015Thorns of the Carrion (LTD SlipCase) : The shipping date

 We glad to announce that we will start to ship packages to our customers at March 14th. Stay doomed and thank you all for patience!

02/28/2015Final date of releases availablility

Due to some technical delays we will get Ambivalence and Black Forest CDs from the plant in next two weeks.
All booklets for Thorns of the Carrion, Ambivalence and Black Forest will arrive to us in next few days. We will start to send the Thorns of the Carrion packages (which has been ordered without Ambivalence or Black Forest) on the next week. Thanks for comprehension

12/12/2014Next Releases

  February, 2015
 - Thorns of the Carrion "Tragedy in Remembrance" 3CD (2 jewel case in slipcase version)
 - Ambivalence "A Land of Myth & Magic" + demo "Myths of a Dreamtime... Forlorn"
 - Black Forest - Sadness (Remastered) 2000-2015

08/24/2014Next release Announce: Ambivalence (Australia) "A Land of Myth & Magic"

We glad to inform all our customers and fans of Australian doom/death scene that now we are preparing our next 15th release. The "A Land of Myth & Magic" album was written in 1999 and has been never released before. As the bonus you will have the ability to listen tracks from very rare Ambivalence demo "Myths of a Dreamtime..., Forlorn". The Ambivalence Music is the great example of unique Australian doom/death metal and we hope you will enjoy this great album.

06/02/2014Thorns of the Carrion: The shipping date

 We glad to announce that we will start to ship packages to our customers at June 6th. Stay doomed and thank you all for patience!

05/15/2014Latest news about progess of Thorns of the Carrion project

 We want to inform our customers about some small delay with shipping of your packages. We still waiting for digipaks and booklets from print factory due to some technical issues. Approx. time of delay is up to 20 days. 

If you still not ordered your package you still have the ability to do this.
If you have some additional questions, please, contact us.
Thanks for your understanding

03/24/2014Thorns of the Carrion Discography Compilation "Tragedy in Remembrance" 3CD pre-order started

 We glad to inform you that our long-awaited release Thorns of the Carrion Discography "Tragedy in Remembrance" on 3 gold CDs is available to pre-order now.

This hand-numbered exclusive 8-panel digipak edition (UV varnish and foiled) with extended 24 page booklet in slipcase is available only during pre-order. Do not lose your chance to order the whole discography (except of the first CD "The Gardens of Dead Winter") of US doom/death metal gem in the best available quality. Many of the songs on this compilation were never published on CD.

During the pre-order we offer free shipping worldwide for all orders which contain "Tragedy in Remembrance" CD.

All buyers who order Thorns of the Carrion CD during pre-order will have the chance to win one of 5 first press CDs "The Gardens of Dead Winter" released by Wild Rags Records, as well as other prizes from our label.

03/11/2013Thorns of the Carrion Discography Compilation "Tragedy in Remembrance"

We want to announce our next long-awaiting release - compilation of Thorns of the Carrion works on 3CDs. The compilation contains 7 Chapters, 29 Songs and about 230 minutes of majestic doom/death metal from one of the best US bands. Many of the songs have never released properly. Liner notes written by Ash Thomas. We hope that you'll enjoy this compilation. Only pre-ordered packages will be hand-numbered and will contain exclusive design.

Endless Desperation Prod. presents Thorns of the Carrion Discography Compilation

01/01/2013New Abyssphere CD is available for pre-Order!

 We glad to announce our next release - Abyssphere's "Again and Again" CD. This release will be available as English and Russian versions. "Again and Again" CD contains eight songs.
Both versions are limited to 350 copies

10/28/2012Our online store on Discogs

 You can buy CDs from our online store on Discogs

10/28/2012Full style re-design and updated site

Today we updated our logo and site design. We hope that you will enjoy our new style.
We working on few new releases and hope that you will enjoy them with us.

You can access our site and new store from two URLs: and