Abyssphere - На пути к забвению (On the Way to Oblivion)

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Abyssphere - On the Way to Oblivion

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 A5 DigiBook, 16-pages booklet. 

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1. Двери (Doors) 8:06
2. Прозрение (Insight) 5:40
3. Один во тьме (Alone in Darkness) 5:46
4. Carthago Delenda Est 6:15
5. Сияние (Shining) 5:29
6. Марафон (Marathon) 6:30
7. Пыль (Dust) 6:32
8. К Забвению (To Oblivion) 6:40
9. Вирус (Virus) 8:06
10. Горизонт (Horizon) 5:41
11. Меридиан (Meridian) 5:38
12. Конец Долгой Ночи (The End of Long Night) 6:32
13. У Врат Забвения (инструментал) (At the Gates of Oblivion (instrumental)) 4:59
14. Only for the weak (In Flames cover) 5:33
15. Черный океан 2.0 (bonus track)* (Black Ocean 2.0 (bonus track)*) 5:30
16. Солнце 2.0 (bonus track) ** (Sun 2.0 (bonus track) **) 3:24

Total playing time: 1:36:13
* Album version web-single "Black Ocean" 2012г.
** Remake of the original song "The Sun", written in 2007.

"On the way to oblivion" album was recorded between 2016 and 2017, at studios: RP-Studio и Redneck Studio (
Mixing and mastering: Jari Lindholm (Sweden)
Booklet design Alex from Mayhem Project Design (
Logo: Sergeevich DSGN (

Line-up: Alexander Yakovlev (extreme vocals, programming)
Konstantin Tsygankov (clean vocal, guitars, keys, bass)
Alexander Mikhailov (guitars) Evgeny Nosov (drums)

Music: Konstantin Tsygankov (Except 8, author Alexander Mikhailov, 14 by In Flames)
Lyrics: Alexander Yakovlev (Except 14 by In Flames)

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