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Black Forest - Sadness (Remastered)
Black Forest - Sadness (Remastered)
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Black Forest - Sadness (Remastered)Well, to be honest, I don't listen to Doom metal like this e ..
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01/06/2013Release Plan

Next releases - Bleed for Me (Argentina) - Compilation

10/28/2012About Us

Endless Desperation Prod. is an independent record label and mail order record distributor. The record label was founded in 2005 by Evgeniy Timchenko in Russia. The label's main office is in Noyabrsk, Russia.We sign and release independent doom metal bands.Our main goal is to produce, spread and pop..

10/28/2012Shipping & Returns

Shipping MethodsWe use Russian Post Registered Airmail and EMS (in special cases) to send orders. All shipping prices include handling and packaging costs.We ship CDs without Jewel Cases (booklets included for sure) except of special packages (digipaks, digibooks, maxi-CDs, non-standard cases, etc)S..

10/28/2012Privacy Notice

Data protectionIf you want to register in our web shop or if you would like to give up an order then we need your customer personal data. In your existing client account you can easily log on with your email address and your personal password.InformationYou always have the right to retrieve in..

10/28/2012Conditions of Use


We accept next forms of payment1. PayPal (+5%)2. Bank TransferIf you want to pay in other way, please, ask usWe do not accept cheques..